Construction Accidents

Despite federal and state regulations, construction sites still rank as one of the most hazardous workplace environments in the United States. Each year, nearly six million people suffer injuries or illnesses while working in construction, with roughly six thousand workers dying. While regulations do require a certain level of maintenance on the part of owners and contractors, it is still too inefficient to truly provide a safe working environment. These risks are compounded by a general disregard for safety by those in higher positions of power, resulting in countless accidents that could have been easily avoided if proper care and attention were provided. 

Adding to the tragedy of construction site dangers is that fact that many employees of such sites are unable to get the compensation they require to maintain their living standards after suffering a catastrophic injury. Massachusetts law does, however, allow workers seeking compensation to sue the owners, general and sub-contractors, architects and manufacturers of defective products in pursuit of the money they're owed. 

We understand the frustration involved in such cases, as well as the need for a quick resolution so that you can get the money you desperately need. We are experienced in not just accidents at construction sites, but in general injury cases, elevator and scaffold incidents, as well as falls suffered from high altitudes. In the past, we have put our expertise to good use while representing clients that have suffered injuries to their back and brain, as well as those that have become paraplegic, quadriplegic, and paralyzed. 

If you believe you are entitled to more money than what you've already received, contact our lawyers immediately to begin discussions about possible options. We will do our best to provide you with the experienced lawyers you require to get the representation you need. If you or a loved one has suffered such an incident, contact our lawyers as soon as possible.

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