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In the Massachusetts  every employer is required to carry worker’s compensation. All employees have specific rights under worker’s compensation law regarding work-related illnesses and injuries. Any employee who becomes injured while on the job is able to file a workers’ comp claim, regardless of whether or not they were performing their normal job duties at the time.

However, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that you are not automatically entitled to benefits just because you file a claim. Your claim will be reviewed, and there are several factors that will determine whether you are eligible for compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Approval

Below are some of the factors that will determine whether you will get worker’s compensation:

• The type of injury or illness that you suffered
• Whether the appropriate procedures were followed for notifying the supervisor
• If the claims documents were filled out correctly
• If you attended all of the medical appointments that were necessary for verifying and treating the illness or injury
• Whether you sent in all of the requested additional information
• If the illness or injury is clearly associated with a work-related incident or accident

The Importance of Reporting A Work-Related Accident 

Many people are able to get workers’ compensation because they do not report their illness or injury within a timely manner. Some people do not report their injury because of fear of reprisal from their supervisor.

You have to report your injury within a timely manner even if it does not appear serious. Some conditions have a tendency to worsen as time goes on, and it is important to note that you may not qualify for worker’s compensation later on down the road. The time for reporting an illness or injury varies, depending on the state.

What Injuries Do Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Any injury that occurs while you are on your employer’s property, regardless of how the injury happened or who was at fault, can be covered by workers comp. It is also important to note that repetitive stress injuries can be covered by workers’ comp.

Work-Related Illnesses

If an illness is caused by a job exposure of some kind, then it may be covered by worker’s comp. There have been reports done to show that the risk of certain conditions is higher among people who work in a particular industry.


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